Wednesday, September 25, 2013


1. What time is it? (simple method)
a. Telling time is very simple in English. All you need to do is say the hour as a number, and the minute as a number.
8:30 is said Eight, Thirty
9:15 is said Nine, Fifteen
6:35 is said Six, Thirty-five
b. if the minutes read ":0x" you must say the time Hour, O'x
10:05 is said Ten O'Five
3:03 is said Three O'Three
c. if the minutes read ":00" you must say hour O'Clock
5:00 is Five O'Clock
10:00 is Ten O'Clock
1:00 is One O'Clock

2. to/past
a. It is also possible to use the phrases Quarter to/past Half past, or minutes to
8:15 is quarter past eight
8:45 is quarter to nine
8:30 is half past eight
8:10 is ten past eight
8:50 is ten to nine
*It is always acceptable to use the simple method, and in some places it is more common and prefered
3. Special times of the day
a. 12:00 if it refers to the one in the middle of the day, you can either say "mid-day" or Noon
b. 12:00 if it refers to the middle of the night is said "midnight"
4. Self Practice
Please write out the following times in which ever method you prefer.

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